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Old 03-06-2006, 05:18 AM
sharon spring
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Default General Membership Meeting Recap, February 6

Please review the meeting minutes below for our first General Membership Meeting of the year on February 6.

VITA General Membership Meeting
Monday, February 6, 2006
Meeting Minutes

6:35pm: Meeting called to order by VITA President, Keala Tom Jr.


• 2005 Financial Report
• Membership Requirements for 2006 Season
(2) Levels of Membership:
Platinum “Participating” Member
Sustaining “Non Participating” Member
• Race Program Updates for 2006 Season
Summit Racing Series
Pro Import
• Open Forum

Keala made a motion to accept the 2005 Treasurer’s Financial Report as presented. The motion was seconded by Tremayne Hultquist. There were no questions from members regarding the report that provided a record of revenue received per event during the 2005 season. The motion passed.

Keala explained the new levels of membership for the 2006 season:

Platinum “Participating” Members are required to participate in at least two MRP Work Events with participation in two different calendar quarters. (Please note: since race events are a two to three day duration, it was later clarified members are required to participate four times total). Quarters were established as January – March, April – June, July – September, October – December. Platinum “Participating” Member benefits include free Entry Gate Admission, Reduced Racer Fees, Full Racer Payouts, Racer Points, Mailing List and Photo Membership Card. Participation requirement will be waived upon receipt of payment of a $500 annual membership fee.

Sustaining “Non Participating” Members receive reduced entry gate fee with free pit gate admission and sustaining member payouts that are equal to ˝ the amount of Platinum members for 1st and 2nd place finishers. Sustaining members also receive VITA mailings and a photo membership card. Sustaining members do not receive racer discounts.

Non-members pay the same fees as Sustaining “Non Participating” Members and receive a trophy for a first or second place finish. No payouts will be awarded to non-members.

Keala explained that the Board will be flexible regarding options for membership requirements and suggestions are welcome. A list of potential options was provided to those present along with complete details of the new membership programs for the 2006 season including racer fees and payouts. The options included Track Work Days, Track Set-Up, Track Worker (for example, ET Slip Booth, Starter, Stager, Tech Booth Assistant and more) or special projects.

Keala advised that members will face revocation of their membership if the requirements are not met. The purpose of the new membership programs is to encourage more active member participation in our club.

Keala detailed the proposed 2006 race program. Friday’s Summit Racing Series will operate under the same class names, rules and guidelines as the 2005 season. At this point the new 2006 Summit Series guidelines will not be implemented. John Hultquist pointed out that the new 2006 Summit Series guidelines allow Sportsman class racers to compete without car registration or insurance documentation. The 2006 Summit Racing Series guidelines rename the (3) car classes as Super Pro ET (7.00-11.99), Pro ET (10.00-13.99) and Sportsman ET (13.00-19.99). The motorcycle class is named Super Pro Bike ET (7.50-15.99). Super Pro is the electronics class. Sportsman replaces Street.

Mark Caires advised that the Import class will compete on Friday along with the Summit Racing Series classes for a total five class schedule. The Friday Import class will be a points class. The Pro Import class will compete in a five-race series on Saturdays starting in March (also May, July, September and November). The Pro Import class will also include points. An open Import class will run on the alternate Saturdays (February, April, June, August and October) with no racer points being awarded. The remainder of the regular Saturday race program is unchanged for 2006 (ie: Fast Gas, 10.90, 11.90. 12.90, Bikes, Street, Jr. Dragster).

John Hultquist raised questions regarding Import class rules. Mark C. said import racers do not need to meet specific NHRA requirements since Import is no longer an official NHRA class. The board clarified that an “Import” is determined by its engine. The current engine requirement for the Import class is four-cylinder, import or domestic. Mark C. also stated that the tech inspector will make the final decision regarding a vehicle’s appropriate class.

Keala said the board will revisit the issue of the Summit Racing Series and Import class specifications.

The floor was then opened to general discussion as follows:

• Carol Kurisu inquired about the track’s dress code for racers. In addition to helmets, Keala advised that all racers were required to wear long pants, covered shoes and shirts with sleeves (t-shirt is ok but no sleeveless t-shirts or tank tops, etc.) Certain classes also have additional requirements such as fireproof gear.

• Shawn Motonaga requested safety improvements for the Jr. Dragsters in regards to their pit area and transportation route to and from the staging lanes. Since it gets dark early this time of the year, Jr. Dragster eliminations are concluded after sunset. Shawn advised that it’s also difficult to hear the sound system in the Jr. Dragsters’ pit area. Shawn asked if it would be possible to finish the program earlier in the day or if the Jr. Dragsters could be moved to a pit area closer to the staging lanes. Some tracks designate pit areas for different classes in order to facilitate traffic flow in and out of the staging lanes. Keala advised that the Jr. Dragster program will start promptly at 2pm in order to finish the Jr. Dragster program as promptly as possible. Robert Miskae advised that new speakers will be installed by the season opener if help is provided. New speakers will help Jr. Dragster participants hear track announcements among other benefits.

• It was recommended that the board consider limiting spectator parking to only the spectator side of the track to improve safety for race vehicles and spectators moving through the pit area. Keala advised that the board is already taking steps to expand spectator parking.

Meeting adjourned at 7:20pm. Copies of 2005 Financial Reports, 2006 Membership Requirements, Fees and Payouts, February Event Posters and Flyers along with meeting Agendas were available for those present.
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