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Old 12-29-2015, 10:30 AM
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Default Reminder: 2016 NHRA Rule Revisions

With the 2016 racing season quickly approaching there has been a few rule changes for 2016, All rule amendments can be found on Please take some time to review these rules just in case it applies to your class or vehicle. From looking at the revisions, one rule really stood out. The rule will affect cars in which wings are attached to roll area. Here is the final revision as of 12/21/15. The rules go into affect 1/01/16

(Page 32) (12/21/2015)
Air foils, canards, wings, and spoilers other than original factory equipment are
permitted only in open-bodied class cars (e.g., Dragster, Street Roadster, or
open-wheel Altered) or as noted in Class Requirements. A positive locking
device to prevent movement mandatory. No part to be within 6 inches of rear
tires. Spring-loaded spoilers, wings, or canards prohibited. Adjustment of air foils,
wings, or spoilers during run prohibited. NOTE: A spoiler is mounted directly to
the deck lid of the vehicle such that air passes only on the top side of the device.
An air foil or wing is mounted on stands, struts, or pedestals such that air passes
over the top and underneath the device. Minimum fastener size on all front
wings, canards, etc. is 1/4-inch. Ball-lock pins prohibited.
Beginning Jan. 1, 2016: For all open-wheel/body cars where rear wings are
permitted and mounted to the roll cage the wing may either be fully mounted to
the roll cage via plates and/or short brackets; maximum 6 inches center-to-center
between the upper (wing tab) and lower (roll cage tab) bolts or have a roll-cage
shroud. For all vehicles with cage-mounted wings, vehicle must have a rear rollcage
shroud. A multi-piece shroud is permitted. The shroud must be constructed
of minimum .075-inch Grade 2 ASTM-B-265 titanium or .090-inch 4130 steel or
be of NHRA-accepted composite construction and must be shaped to conform to
the roll cage. The shroud must be attached to each of the side bars with a
minimum of three 1/4-inch-minimum-diameter Grade 8 bolts and bosses per side,
to the top with one 1/4-inch-minimumdiameter Grade 8 bolt and boss, and to the
rear bars with a minimum of two 1/4-inch-minimum-diameter Grade 8 bolts and
bosses per side. Tabs with bolt and nut, where the nut is welded to the tab, may
be used in place of the bosses. Absolutely no components may be mounted to
the helmet shroud above the top of the shoulder hoop. Bolt heads must be 1⁄2-
inch hex-style head.
NHRA-accepted helmet shrouds must be made as a one-piece shroud, a twopiece
shroud, where each half must overlap; or a three-piece shroud, that
includes two side shields and the center section.
All shrouds must fully encapsulate the rear braces and the secondary roll-cage
hoop on the sides and top; when viewed from the rear, the shroud must cover the
complete visible roll-cage structure. On the bottom, the shroud must have 2-inch
clearance between the upper framerail/shoulder hoop; on the top and sides, the
entire shroud must extend fully forward to at least the centerline of the side bars.
When the shroud is fabricated as a two-piece unit, the components must overlap
a minimum of 3/4-inch per side.
On a three-piece shroud, the center/rear section of the shroud may stand off
from/behind the side pieces by no more than 3⁄4 inches at any point and must
overlap each side a minimum of 1 1/2 inches. The side shrouds must extend to
the centerline of the rear hoops.
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