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Default Reminder: Golf Cart/ATV Permit Regestration

Just a reminder to all our Golf cart and ATV support vehicle owners. The NHRA and our insurance carrier require all Golf carts and ATV support vehicles to be registered at our facility. An annual form must be filled out at our tech booth. There is a one time fee of $10.00. Once registered, a sticker will be issued that needs to be placed on the front of the vehicle. Vehicles that do not have a current sticker will not be allowed to operate in the facility. Vehicles must be equipped with night time running lights if used after dark. Support vehicles can only be operated by a licensed driver. Please keep in mind this is not a insurance policy. It is the responsibility of the the registered owner to cover their driver or damages caused by their support vehicle to someones property. ATV / Golf carts are to be used as support vehicles for racer in competition and not for joy riding around the facility. All posted speed limits and track rules apply. NO MOPEDS, SCOOTERS, PIT BIKES OR BICYCLES PERMITTED.
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