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Default Pit Stall Holders: Reminder

Aloha VITA members and Non members

2017 MRP annual reserved pit stalls are now open to all compliant VITA members or new 2017 VITA members. If you were not a 2016 member you will need to join VITA for 2017 to be eligible to lease a reserved stall at a discounted price.

VITA also offers reserved pits to non VITA members on a non renewal lease. The stalls will open the following year first to VITA members before being sold to non members.

Stall holders that would like to move from their current stall should contact Stall Director Mark Caires ASAP to see if any new stalls have opened up in different areas.

Current stall holders have until February 25, 2017 to renew their stalls. All non paid stalls will be filled starting February 26, 2017 with members or non members off of the waiting list. NO LATE RENEWALS WILL BE ACCEPTED, I WILL NOT BE CALLING MEMBERS. RENEWAL NOTICES HAVE BEEN MAILED. THIS IS A FINAL REMINDER.

Stalls 1-95 $100.00 member $200.00 non member (24ft wide or 24 ft deep)
Stalls 96-117 $75.00 member $150.00 non member (14 ft wide)


Mark Caires
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